Content Moderation

Monitor and manage online environments in close to real-time.

Use Modern AI for content moderation

Implement content filters based on all aspects of a post including text, image, audio, and video.  Stay up-to-date and engaged on critical or sensitive topics.

What is content moderation?

Content moderation is the process of reviewing and monitoring user-generated content to ensure that it meets the standards and guidelines of a platform or organization.

What are the benefits of using Modern AI for content moderation?

Using modern AI for content moderation can lead to increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and cost savings for organizations.

  1. Increase efficiency and scalability: process large volumes of data quickly and accurately, allowing for efficient content moderation at scale.
  2. Reduce human bias: reduce the influence of human bias in content moderation decisions, resulting in more objective and consistent moderation.
  3. Improve accuracy: identify potentially harmful content more accurately than human moderators, reducing the risk of inappropriate content being posted.
  4. Cost savings: reduce the need for large teams of human moderators, resulting in significant cost savings for organizations.
  5. Increase speed: quickly identify and remove inappropriate content, resulting in a faster response time and improved user experience.

Who can benefit?

Companies that rely on user-generated content can benefit from using modern AI for content moderation.
  • eCommerce: identify fraudulent product reviews, detect counterfeit products, and ensure that product descriptions and images are accurate.
  • Marketplaces: assist in identifying and removing fraudulent or inappropriate listings, as well as detecting and preventing spam.
  • Gaming : detect and prevent cheating, monitor in-game chat for inappropriate behavior, and prevent the sharing of illegal content.
  • Healthcare: assist in monitoring patient feedback, identifying potential privacy violations, and ensuring that healthcare providers comply with regulations such as HIPAA.
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