Power your customer analytics with

Modern AI

Generate predictive insights that drive optimized customer experiences and processes.

Better understand and engage your customers with Modern AI

All you need to get started is data, and within minutes, you can deploy production-grade AI applications like sentiment analysis, identify intent, find similar customers, churn prevention, and more.

Graft for identify intent
Identify Intent

Get a 360 view of your customers' interests

Transform engagement across every stage of the customer journey into rich, predictive insights. Leverage these insights to reach your customers with more effective messaging.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand public opinion about your product or brand, instantly

Rebranding? Launching a new product? Discover how people really feel about it across social channels, and incorporate their feedback before your competitors capitalize on it.

Graft for sentiment analysis
Graft for churn prevention
Churn Prevention

Use a full picture of customer interactions to predict and prevent churn

No more data silos. Combine multiple data sources and previously dormant data to understand and improve customer health. Predict which customers need attention to mitigate churn.

Similar Customers

Search for similar customers when a churn or upsell event occurs

Finding your next upsell shouldn’t be guesswork. When one customer upsells or churns, search for similar customers to reach out to.

Graft for similar customers


With Graft, you don't have to hire a team of ML experts or accumulate one-size-fits-all point solutions.


All answers 100% human-generated!

Who is Graft for?

Data teams looking to wield the most advanced AI technologies for getting value from their data, especially if some of it is unstructured. Engineers love Graft because they can focus on business outcomes instead of costly infrastructural plumbing; leadership loves Graft because they’ll see results in a fraction of the time using a fraction of the resources; everyone else will love Graft because they can contribute to, and benefit from, AI.

What do I need in order to use Graft?

Data. That’s it! Graft includes everything else you need to go from idea to production success.

What if I already have a bunch of ML tools and services working in production?

Graft is named, in part, because you can graft it onto the side of any organization and use it in tandem with your existing data or machine learning stack. Over time, you may find that Graft is sufficient and you can decommission the old tools, but you can do so at your leisure.

How does Graft compare to…?

We’re not aware of another company making modern AI accessible to every organization. Most vendors are focused on classical AI, characterized by being limited to structured data and involving expensive activities like manual feature engineering, model selection, hyperparameter tuning, and all the machinery that workflow requires. Most vendors are also building mere pieces of the infrastructural puzzle, which are only useful if you have the rest of the pieces and the expertise to assemble them. Graft does away with those prerequisites.

Are you aware that the word ‘graft’ has an unsavory definition?

Yes, of course. We’re using it in the botanical or medical sense. It’s also English slang for working hard; that one works, too!.

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