Streamline Workplace Operations

Graft's Intelligence Layer connects teams with AI-enhanced insights, optimizing workflows and boosting on-site productivity, while cutting costs for a smarter, more efficient workplace.

Drive measurable success immediately

Maximize Efficiency

AI-driven automation significantly reduces the time spent on manual tasks ensuring that your processes are not just faster but smarter.

Cost Reduction

Minimizes errors and operational costs by streamlining and automating workflows. This leads to a direct reduction in expenses related to manual processes and inefficiencies, positively impacting your bottom line.

Data-Driven Decisions

By providing instant access to accurate insights from complex datasets, it ensures that every decision is backed by solid data, enhancing your strategic and operational outcomes.

Operational Agility

Get the agility needed to respond swiftly, maintaining a competitive edge in a dynamic market environment.

Improve employee productivity

From swiftly locating supplier information to offering real-time solutions for equipment failures, organizing support inquiries efficiently, and concisely summarizing extensive documentation, Graft enables better resource management and cost reduction, transforming operational efficiency across your enterprise.

Find Information Faster

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Context-aware search capabilities enhance strategic and operational decision-making.

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Reduces time spent sifting through data, directly impacting agility.

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Ensures relevant information is accessible for timely decisions.

manufacturing search and info retrieval
ai-powered instant answers

Instant Answers for Immediate Action

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Converts queries into actionable insights, improving operational response.

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Facilitates a proactive approach to solving operational challenges.

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Enhances efficiency and competitiveness with instant data-driven decisions.

Summarization for Swift Decision-Making

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Quickly distills complex reports into easy-to-digest summaries.

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Accelerates understanding and response to critical data.

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Streamlines decision-making processes, boosting productivity.

ai extraction
ai extraction

Faster Data Labeling

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Automates the categorization and labeling of diverse data types.

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Enhances data accessibility and supports regulatory compliance.

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Improves operational workflows through efficient information management and retrieval.

Smart Personalized Communication

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Facilitates automated, personalized communication across channels.

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Saves time while ensuring message consistency and relevance.

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Strengthens customer and partner relationships through tailored interactions.

Generative AI at any scale
How It Works

Onboard your force multiplier

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Infuse with Your Knowledge

Feed it your data, and it becomes a dynamic hub integrating your knowledge bases to inform smarter work.

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Enhance with Your Expertise

Teach it your specific skills and know-how. It quickly picks up new capabilities tailored to your way of doing things.

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Improve with Your Feedback

Guide it with feedback. It learns and improves daily to help you up your game and achieve goals.

of time can be reclaimed through generative AI automation.
improvement in users' performance when using generative AI in business.
(Nielsen Norman Group)
produced significantly higher quality results with AI.
(Harvard & Boston Consulting Group)

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ai teammate
Embracing AI Teammates for Workplace Efficiency and Cost Reduction

The AI Teammate Adoption Framework is designed to help your teams harness the power of AI to automate tasks, streamline finding information, and empower your teams to focus on high-value, strategic work.

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The Hallmarks of Modern AI

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Unify Knowledge

Centralized knowledge for easy access and discovery.

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Quick Setup

No machine learning expertise or infrastructure setup required.

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Tailor to Your Needs

We partner closely with your team to ensure your success.

Amplify Your Productivity with Graft's Intelligence Layer

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Immediate productivity gains
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Save 2-3 hours/week/employee
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Reduce costs