Engage with your company's knowledge

Graft's Intelligence Layer is the go-to interface where every team member can engage with the collective intelligence of the organization.

How Graft works

Connect your data sources


Data Integrations
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Graft offers pre-built connectors for popular enterprise systems, such as Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce, Jira, and Confluence, as well as APIs for custom integrations, making it easy to connect knowledge across the organization.

Enrich with expertise

Teach the Graft new skills, adding to its capabilities and tailoring it to your needs.

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Optimize Performance

Deploy the best models for the job. It's not one size fits all, leverage models built specifically for generative and predictive use cases.

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Tag Data

Quick and easy data categorization and tagging that's customized to your specific goals and needs.

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Chain Solutions

Build upon apps  to deliver unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and actionable intelligence.

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graft conversational ai

Get relevant answers

Make teams more effective, efficient, and happy. Produce higher quality results with fewer errors.

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Steerable Outcomes

Use feedback, user inputs, and results to refine your AI teammate and align the behavior more effectively with your desired objectives.

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Active Learning

Optimize performance by adding your unique knowledge by correcting predictions to improve efficiency and accuracy.

always improving
Always Improving

AI that continuously evolves and adapts, leveraging every interaction to learn and enhance its performance.


Save 1-2 hours per employee each week

Turn your knowledge into an easily leveraged asset across the organization.

hybrid search with ai

Find information quickly

Search beyond simple keywords to find the information you need across your company's information.

ai-powered answers (rag)

Get trusted answers

Ask questions and get trusted answers so you can make fasters decisions without having to wait on teammates or spend time looking for answers.

ai-powered summaries

Summarize documents

Summarize large documents and PDFs into concise summaries, streamlining the review process.

ai extraction

Extract specific information

Extract specific information from documents at any scale.

Generative AI at any scale

Generate first drafts

Instantly generate first drafts, automate routine correspondence and technical support documents.

classify data with AI

Auto-tag data

Get accurately labelled data sets, generated faster than ever.


Designed for quick implementation

App templates

Explore different use cases with our out-of-the box app library.

Data connectors

Easily connect your data or upload files.

Foundation models

Experiment with open source or 3rd party foundation models (ie OpenAI, Anthropic, and Cohere).


Use a combination of data sources like text, images, video, and audio.

Active learning

Automatically make the labeling process more efficient and cost effective.


Review the performance of multiple embedding models.

Robust API

Integrate with your systems seamlessly.


Proactively make your solution better, faster, more reliable, and aligned with business objectives.


Keep track of various metrics and performance indicators.

Why choose Graft?

Unify Knowledge

Make your company information accessible and discoverable.

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Quick Setup

No coding; no AI expertise; and no infrastructure required.

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Enterprise Security

We're serious about keeping your data safe, and we never use it to benefit anyone but you.

Equip your teams with intelligence

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Immediate productivity gains
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Save 2-3 hours/week/employee
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Reduce costs