The Intelligence Layer for Your Enterprise Knowledge

Graft's Intelligence Layer makes enterprise information easy to find through a simple chat interface, enabling your teams move quicker, innovate faster, and build better products.

Equip your teams with intelligence

Employees spend nearly 20% of their time hunting for internal information, according to a McKinsey report. On average, that’s 9.3 hours per week!

With Graft, you save 1-3 hours per employee each week by making organization knowledge accessible through an easy-to-use chat interface. They get a single point of access to search, find, and get answers from your company's knowledge.


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Unify Knowledge

Make your company information accessible and discoverable.

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Quick Setup

No coding; no AI expertise; and no infrastructure required.

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Enterprise Security

We're serious about keeping your data safe, and we never use it to benefit anyone but you.

Equip your teams with intelligence

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Immediate productivity gains
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Save 2-3 hours/week/employee
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Reduce costs