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Generate AI-powered summaries of txt files, PDF documents, or text blobs at scale. View results in Graft or deploy them via API.

Quickly decode files using AI

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Txt files

Deliver more accurate and relevant search results.

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It's like Google’s image search, but customized to your data.

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Text blobs

Quickly discover items closely related to your initial query.

Save time and resources

Quickly extract insights, boost productivity, and make informed decisions.

Media and Publishing

Create shorter, easily digestible versions of your content, making it more accessible for readers with limited time or attention spans.

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Legal and Compliance

Process lengthy legal documents, such as contracts and case law, enabling lawyers to quickly identify essential information and better prepare for negotiations or court proceedings.


Review lengthy financial reports and market analyses, enabling analysts to extract key financial data and trends more efficiently, leading to better investment decisions.

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