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Generate AI-powered summaries of txt files, PDF documents, or text blobs at scale. View results in Graft or deploy them via API.

Summarize files with AI

By leveraging Modern AI to summarize files like reports, legal documents, and manuals into concise overviews, you can quickly extract critical insights, boost productivity through faster comprehension, and make informed decisions based on the core essence of the content.

Summarize txt files

Summarizing extensive product manuals and handbooks with AI enables you to rapidly comprehend and communicate core instructions, improve accessibility for end users, and reduce information overload by focusing only on the most essential details.

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Summarize PDFs

Summarizing complex contracts and filings to swiftly extract and analyze critical details, efficiently communicate key terms across stakeholders, and make sound decisions by focusing on the most relevant information.

Summarize text blobs

Summarize lengthy research papers and reports into condensed extracts of critical findings, you can rapidly comprehend key insights, efficiently share core concepts across teams, and make informed data-driven decisions.

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