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way to search

Get the most advanced AI-powered search engine so you can search anything across all your company's apps to help you find exactly what
you need and discover the things you should know.

Create an AI search engine
in a few clicks

With Graft, you don't have to worry about writing code, setting up a vector database,
or the ugly details of embeddings.

Say goodbye to dead-end searches

Traditional keyword-based search methods are outdated and inefficient, costing you and your customers time and opportunities.

And hello to AI-powered search

AI-powered search brings a new level of intuition to your questions, delivering instant results that align with intent, not just keywords.

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use both text and images

Search with text and images

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Optimize performance

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Multilingual support

Find anything in your knowledge base with near perfect memory

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Semantic Search

Deliver more accurate and relevant search results.

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Image Search

Imagine Google image search, but customized to your data.

similarity search

Similarity Search

Quickly discover items closely related to your initial query.

Go from endless searching to
instant finding

Find anything across your company

Use workplace search to boost productivity, fuel innovation, and drive better team outcomes, one search at a time.

Help users find the products they desire the first time

By accurately understanding user queries and intelligently navigating your extensive product catalog, Graft enhances user experience, boosts satisfaction, and drives conversions.

Get fast, relevant, and intuitive search results

Enable your team and users to quickly find the exact information they need within technical documents. Graft streamlines information retrieval, saving time and enhancing productivity. Experience a smarter way to navigate through your critical technical resources.

Graft for semantic search

Easily optimize and improve performance

Improve results and performance so your users always have a delightful experience.

Compare the performance of embedding models

It's now possible to compare the results and performance of multiple embedding models side-by-side.

compare the performance of embedding models with Graft
chunking and pooling strategies with graft

Try different embedding strategies

Explore embedding strategies. Compare and optimize to achieve unparalleled search precision. Dive in and discover how the right strategy can improve your search experience.

One-click re-ranking

With a click of a button, you can enhance relevance and user satisfaction with every query. It's the secret sauce to turning good search results into great ones, boosting engagement and conversions.

one-click reranking model

AI that's customized to your team

Find Information, Faster

Spend less time searching and asking teammates with instant answers.

More Collaboration

Remove roadblocks to internal insights that would otherwise obstruct cross-functional collaboration.

No More Dead-Ends

Cultivate a culture where answers empower employees rather than one where questions lead to dead-ends.

The Bottom Line?

AI search is a force multiplier for your productivity and teamwork.

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