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Use AI to classify and categorize your data so you can find what matters, faster.

Finally, you can see the whole picture

Now anyone can create custom prediction models, perform sentiment analysis, or detect faces in images.

Categorize and classify with custom models

Create custom AI models suited for your unique business needs whether you have labeled data or not.

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sentiment analysis with modern ai

Identify what your users value

Quickly analyze customer feedback with sentiment analysis. Turn text and documents into actionable insights to improve your products or services.

Elevate security with intelligent face detection

Unlock facial recognition in your images for enhanced security and personalized user experiences.

face detection with modern ai

Optimize and fine-tune your model with ease

One-click retraining

Get the most accurate predictions and ensure that models in production provide healthy results.

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Automated hyperparameter-tuning

Tweak model performance for optimal results.

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Active learning

Review generated predictions to improve your model performance.

Build AI-powered solutions in a minutes, not weeks


Go from idea to execution faster

The most powerful AI technologies are now available, usable, and beneficial for the 99%.

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