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You have lots of data, but you may not have the time and skills to make sense of it. That’s where Graft Predict comes in.

Make your data work for you

Use AI to analyze your data to quickly uncover insights needed to take action.

Customizable to your team's needs

Easily create customized AI models tailored to your needs, regardless of your data's format.

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sentiment analysis with modern ai

Identify what your users value

Efficiently analyze feedback using sentiment analysis to enhance your products and services.

Elevate security with intelligent face detection

Unlock facial recognition in your images for enhanced security and personalized user experiences.

face detection with modern ai

Steer performance and
increase accuracy

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Active learning

Review generated predictions to improve your model performance.

One-click retraining

Ensures your AI always performs at its best with the latest data.

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Automated finetuning

It's like having a smart assistant that fine-tunes your model to work at its best.

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a few clicks


Boost your workday with an
AI Teammate

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