Enhance your customer support with

Modern AI

Search, classify, and monitor your customer tickets and conversations at scale.

Automate and enhance your customer support with AI

All you need to get started is data, and within minutes, you can start searching, summarizing, classifying, and monitoring your customer tickets and conversations at scale.

Graft for clustering

Customers Categorized. Experiences Personalized.

Identify and categorize customers with similar behaviors, preferences, and demographics. This enables targeted marketing, personalized recommendations, and improved customer service.


Don't just search - extract and analyze

Automatically read, understand, and analyze documents and support tickets to find customer information using natural language and receive accurate responses.

Graft for semantic search
Graft for clustering

Generate summaries of any document

Couldn’t make the product huddle? Don’t have time to read through that email thread you were just CC’d on? Connect to reservoirs of documents or recordings to get summaries, instantly.


Your full lifecycle production
AI system

10x your impact on day one.


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The Hallmarks of Modern AI

Let's situate recent advances in AI within a broader context, a context that also allows us to look ahead toward the coming rise of what we call Modern AI.

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the era of modern ai


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Who is Graft for?

Anyone looking to wield the most advanced ML capabilities to solve a variety of business challenges. Engineers love Graft because they can focus on business outcomes instead of costly infrastructural plumbing; leadership loves Graft because they’ll see results in a fraction of the time using a fraction of the resources; everyone else will love Graft because they can contribute to, and benefit from, Modern AI.

What do I need in order to use Graft?

Data. That’s it! Graft includes everything you need to go from idea to production success in an afternoon.

What if I already have a bunch of ML tools and services working in production?

Graft is named, in part, because you can "graft" it onto the side of any organization and use it in tandem with your existing data or machine learning stack. Over time, you may find that Graft is sufficient and you can decommission the old tools, but you can do so at your leisure.

Who does Graft compare to…?

We’re not aware of another company making modern AI accessible to every organization. Most vendors are focused on classical AI, characterized by being limited to structured data and involving expensive activities like manual feature engineering, model selection, hyperparameter tuning, and all the machinery that workflow requires. Most vendors are also building mere pieces of the infrastructural puzzle, which are only useful if you have the rest of the pieces and the expertise to assemble them. Graft does away with those prerequisites.

Are you aware that the word ‘graft’ has an unsavory definition?

Yes, of course. We’re using it in the botanical or medical sense. It’s also English slang for working hard; that one works, too!

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