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Graft's full lifecycle AI platform is the simplest way to implement AI across your business. No coding or ML expertise required.

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The simplest path to
Modern AI success

No building or maintaining

Everything you need in one platform

Save time and free up resources with an AI platform that provides all modern ML infrastructure your team needs to infuse AI into your business DNA.

full lifecycle ai platform
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No “path to production” problem

Deploy AI-powered solutions with confidence

Graft eliminates the complexity of Modern AI deployment. Anything built in Graft is guaranteed to work in the production environment, because the platform is the production environment.

No coding or ML expertise required

Put the power of AI within reach of every person

No more calling in favors. Graft's user-friendly interface makes AI accessible to all members of an organization, not just those with specialized knowledge in data science or machine learning.

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One platform, so many possibilities

Why Graft?

Our no-code platform provides all the advanced AI capabilities you need to achieve better results, boost productivity, and improve ROI. No ML expertise required.

How it works
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By embracing a data-centric approach, you can boost your model performance, cut down on overfitting, and create more robust and reliable AI solutions.

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Foundation models

Whether open source, third-party (e.g., OpenAI and Cohere), or built by you, Graft helps you leverage the power of foundation models for your use cases.

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Gain a wider understanding and improve performance by analyzing a combination of data sources like text, images, video, and audio.

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From recommendation systems to document classification, incorporate embeddings into your model and optimize the performance for your applications.

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Active learning

We automatically help you annotate the most important and difficult examples making the labeling process more efficient and cost effective.

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No ML skills required

Free up engineers to focus on addressing business objectives instead of costly infrastructural plumbing.

Manage your entire AI lifecycle with one platform


Lower Total Cost of Ownership


Faster Time-to-Value


Less Data Labeling


Data Coverage

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