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Improve your customer experience

Make your customer’s experience feel as though it was crafted just for them.

graft for semantic search

Deliver more accurate and relevant search results.

graft for lead scoring

Identify your biggest customer champions with ease.

Graft for visual search

Imagine Google’s image search, but customized to your data.

graft for recommendations with modern ai

Maximize engagement by serving content users are most interested in.

Better understand and engage your customers

Generate predictive insights that drive optimized customer experiences and processes.

graft for sentiment analysis

Gain immediate insights into how people feel about your brand and product.

graft for churn prevention

Predict which customers need attention to mitigate churn.

graft for identify intent

Get a 360 view of your customers' interests.

graft for similar customers

Find similar customers by analyzing customer data to identify and group individuals with shared attributes or behaviors.

Boost your internal productivity

Streamline your workflow and take your work to the next level.

graft for semantic search

Instantly search anything semantically or visually across any number of internal data sources.

graft for topic monitoring

Stay on top of topics that you care about.

graft for semantic search

Ask questions on your data at scale.

graft for summarization

Generate summaries of any document, email thread, or meeting recording.

Empower your user communities

Better understand the needs of your community and create personalized experiences.

graft for recommendations with modern ai

Provide personalized recommendations to users based on their preferences and behaviors.

graft for clustering

Group data points for easier pattern and trend identification.

graft for content moderation

Monitor and manage online environments in close to real-time.

graft for Q&A

Ask questions and get summaries.

Reinforce your security & compliance

Strengthen cybersecurity by scaling data analysis volume while increasing response speeds.

graft for insider threat

Detect harmful behavior in the workplace.

graft for data security

Use logs and internal communications to detect data exfiltration or sabotage to maintain privacy compliances.

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