The AI Teammate for IT Managers

Graft is an AI-powered teammate designed for IT teams to streamline complex tasks. It can organize and summarize tickets, find specific details in scattered sources, and automatically draft documentation and reports.

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Teamwork takes on a new meaning

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Frustrated by the time-consuming IT tasks?

This tedious work not only eats into your valuable time but also delays critical decision-making and innovation.

Now, you can delegate those tasks to your AI teammate.

Old Way: Hours

old way it without AI

AI Way: Minutes

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of time can be reclaimed through generative AI automation.
improvement in users' performance when using generative AI in business.
(Nielsen Norman Group)
produced significantly higher quality results with AI.
(Harvard & Boston Consulting Group)

Onboard your force multiplier

Make your team 12%+ more effective with the only AI teammate.

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with Knowledge

Feed it information, and it becomes a dynamic hub integrating your knowledge to inform smarter work.

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Enhance with Expertise

Teach it your specific skills and know-how. It quickly picks up new capabilities tailored to your way of doing things.

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Improve with Feedback

Guide it with feedback. It learns and improves daily to help you up your game and achieve goals.

Let your AI teammate handle routine tasks

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Effortlessly crafts IT-related communications, reports, and documentation, drawing from specific data to meet your operational needs.



Organizes IT-related data, from support tickets to surveys, into neatly categorized labels, enhancing workflow efficiency and data retrievability.



Dive into the essence of your queries, surpassing basic keywords to swiftly and accurately uncover the exact IT solutions and documentation you require.



Turns voluminous IT data into clear, concise summaries, streamlining complex information for quicker, informed actions.



Selectively retrieves crucial information from expansive IT datasets or documents, ensuring you have the precise data needed for analysis and decision-making.



Ask your AI teammate questions about your docs and get instant answers backed by the information in your docs.

Get the only AI teammate that's grounded in reality

With this AI teammate, manual tasks like categorizing support tickets, writing documentation, and analyzing feedback are automated, enabling you to quickly identify business requirements and spot system irregularities.

Teachable and coachable

Because it's grounded in your data and constantly learning from you, your AI teammate boosts your productivity with reliable, accurate results.


Works around the clock

With your AI teammate always clocked in and working, it tackles tasks 24/7 so you can rest easy, knowing everything keeps moving.

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Technically unmatched

This is not just any AI, but the best one for the job. Utilize top-tier models so you can tackle various tasks smarter and faster.

Trustworthy and reliable results

Through delivering reliable results grounded in your data and expertise, your AI earns trust. Confidently use the results to guide your decisions.

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Skilled at wearing multiple hats

Whether it's analyzing data, generating content, or finding information, your AI teammate flexibly tackles challenges to make your work life easier.

Private and secure by design

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SOC II Type 2 compliant
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We don't use your data to train our models
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Encryption in transit and at rest
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SSO, 2FA, and strong passwords
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