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Are you drowning in data but starved for insights? Struggling to analyze endless datasets and extract meaningful signals? Swimming in metrics but still unsure of the next best action?

Without actionable insights, hidden trends go unseen, opportunities are missed, and progress stalls without the ability to understand outcomes.

Graft Predict eliminates these challenges...

Popular use cases include:
Automatically categorize support tickets
2) Analyze customer sentiment
3) Elevate security with facial recognition
4) Autofill a column in your spreadsheets

If you’re not sure what you want to build, no problem - you can easily try out different use cases and see what’s useful.

The future is insight-driven - be ready with Predict.

Popular use cases

Automatically Categorize Support Tickets

automate customer support with AI

Analyze Customer Sentiment

Graft for recommendations with modern ai

Elevate Security with Facial Recognition

ai-powered face detection

Autocomplete a Column in Your Spreadsheets

graft for insider threat

Categorize Customers

Graft for lead scoring

Detect Insider Threat

graft for data security
Graft for churn prevention

You bring the data, Graft brings the AI

Integrate AI-power isights into your business with ease.