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The simplest path to AI success starts with Graft

Graft provides everything you need for full-lifecycle modern AI, including data ingestion, labeling with active learning, model customization and optimization, production-grade APIs, and monitoring. The platform involves a number of services working seamlessly together under the covers, including a model training server, prediction server, a metadata store, a vector store, a relational store, and more.
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Faster Time-to-Value

Speed up your AI lifecycle and provide faster time-to-market solutions at a lower cost.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Use a single platform for your entire AI lifecycle, from data ingestion and labeling to deploying and monitoring.

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Higher Quality Outcomes

Modern AI means higher quality, and higher quality means better business outcomes.

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100% Data Coverage

Leverage 100% of your unstructured data for better insights and confident decision-making.