Announcing the Launch of our Modern AI Platform and $10 Million Seed Round

JD Prater

July 26, 2023

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Graft’s mission is as simple as it is ambitious: make the AI only available at the top 1% companies accessible to the remaining 99%. Today we're thrilled to announce the wide availability of Graft’s Modern AI platform. Businesses no longer need to puzzle out what AI infrastructure they need to build, how to apply it to get high-quality results, or how to keep it working well (forever). Instead, organizations can use Graft and keep focused on building their business. The launch of the Modern AI platform coincides with Graft securing a $10 million seed round led by Radical Ventures, with participation from GV. The funds are accelerating Graft’s capacity to serve a growing customer base.

Our vision resonates with our investors, as Parasvil Patel, a partner at Radical Ventures, articulates:

"As innovation in AI races forward, there is a risk that businesses without highly skilled ML teams may be left behind. Graft’s platform aims to lower the barrier to entry for every organization looking to leverage the transformational power of AI. Its  founding team is well-equipped to deliver on this ambition, with proven track records in building and deploying machine learning at scale at organizations such as Slack, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft and Cruise."

Barriers to Modern AI Adoption

Every company is realizing that without an AI strategy, they risk being left behind. Let's be clear: a mere use case or a singular feature does not constitute an AI strategy. An AI strategy necessitates a full-lifecycle AI production system

Data teams, particularly in small to mid-sized companies, are acutely aware of the transformative potential of AI but lack the scarce and expensive ML expertise to bring it to production. Why is that challenging? 

  1. First, they need a full-lifecycle production system. A truly end-to-end platform begins at the source(s) of data, builds the various use cases, hosts them, monitors them, and maintains them, pulling humans into the loop where automation doesn’t suffice. 
  2. Second, they need to use foundation models and associated technologies like embeddings to achieve high-quality results without enormous troves of data. Even organizations with existing ML infrastructure typically do not have this kind of modern ML infrastructure. 
  3. Finally, they need an accessible UI that doesn’t require ML/DS expertise. Otherwise, the system bottlenecks on a centralized ML team and is unusable by most of the company.

Faced with these constraints, implementing Modern AI is out of reach for most organizations.

Enter Graft: The Simplest Path to Modern AI Adoption

Experience simplicity and efficiency of the Graft Modern AI platform. In just a few clicks, you can build high-quality AI solutions harnessing the power of foundation models - no code required. Whether you prefer open-source models, third-party providers like OpenAI and Cohere, or creating custom models, flexibility is key.

As you accelerate your AI initiatives, pre-train these models with your data to ensure precise solutions, perfectly tailored to your business objectives and privacy needs.

And we do more than just get solutions running; we ensure they’re good. Augment your data with innovative capabilities, such as identifying specific kinds of content or generative AI for summarizing it.

Kickstart the process with your labeled examples or opt for a bootstrap approach—either way, control remains firmly in your grasp. With active learning, you can fine-tune model accuracy and optimize AI usage. Once you're satisfied, you can operationalize your solution with production-grade APIs.

Recognizing the critical importance of performance in AI, we incorporate app-level performance monitoring and alerting. Our full-lifecycle production AI system substantially reduces the time and resources required to build, deploy, manage, and monitor AI applications. With Graft, your path to Modern AI implementation just got simpler.

Our investors recognize Graft's potential to redefine the AI landscape: 

By incorporating cutting-edge AI and ML components into a single platform,  Graft  simplifies the arduous process of monitoring, updating, and modifying AI applications. The platform lowers the entry barriers for businesses venturing into Modern AI and accelerates deployment, paving the way for transformative business outcomes. We’re excited to continue supporting  Adam Oliner and the team as they define the future of AI adoption,” says Erik Nordlander, General Partner at GV

Transforming Businesses with Modern AI

The potential of Graft becomes even more evident when we consider practical applications in real businesses. Consider this: you're a data lead at a mid-sized SaaS company, keenly aware of AI's potential to reshape your business. You face the pressing challenge of customer churn prevention, and you realize AI could provide key insights to predict and mitigate this issue. However, roadblocks loom - a stretched ML team, time-consuming development processes, and high implementation costs.

Now imagine there is a bridge over these roadblocks leading directly to Modern AI. That bridge is Graft.

Without the need for specialized ML skills, you can build an AI-powered solution analyzing customer churn using the Graft Modern AI Platform. In a few clicks, your AI solution is empowering you, marketing, customer success, and finance teams to tackle customer churn collaboratively.

Modern AI Platform

Say goodbye to the days of siloed teams juggling disparate tools and solutions. Embrace a unified approach, where teams strategize retention initiatives through a single Modern AI platform. The result? A team that’s able to move faster to reduce churn rates and improve customer loyalty.

CEO and Co-founder of Graft, Adam Oliner, shares his excitement, 

"Putting AI within reach of every person at every organization is an ambitious goal, but Graft can see the long arc of these technologies, and we believe they bend toward a world where no one is left behind.”

What’s Coming Up

As we continue to move forward with this mission, we're excited about the new features on the horizon.

  • End-to-end optimization with automatic foundation model selection
  • Apps chaining for building workflows with apps as building blocks
  • Recommendation app

Join the Modern AI Movement with Graft

With these exciting developments in the pipeline, now is the time to join the Modern AI movement. Experience the simplicity of enterprise AI with Graft. Request access today and see firsthand how a full-lifecycle production AI system can reshape your business.

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