14 Marketplace AI Use Cases that are Fueling Growth

JD Prater

August 14, 2023

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Marketplaces today are overwhelmed with exponentially growing data. On average, unstructured data doubles every two years. Valuable insights are buried under this avalanche.

But AI is proving to be a game changer:

  • Condense documents and extract key data in minutes, not hours
  • Enable natural language search to uncover correlations instantly
  • Automate data categorization and analysis with machine learning

Graft's no-code AI platform makes complicated AI implementation easily accessible through intuitive apps tailored for your business. Transform document handling, database queries, insights generation, and more.

In this post, I'll explore the specific AI-powered applications modernizing marketplace data operations, the tangible benefits delivered, and how Graft powers it all.

Let's examine how Modern AI marketplace solutions can help you unlock the full value of your data.

1. Don't Just Search - Explore Your Data with Intelligent AI

Have you ever felt frustrated when you couldn't find what you were looking for online? 

Imagine a scenario where shoppers on your platform can find exactly what they're looking for, not just through keywords but through concepts, similarities, or even images. The Search App transforms a routine search into an intuitive exploration, enhancing user satisfaction and driving engagement in your marketplace.

Graft's Search - Your AI-Powered Search Engine

With Graft's search app library, you aren't simply building a search; you're crafting an experience. This app lets you build various types of searches, whether it's similarity search to link related products or semantic search to understand what your user really wants - all without needing to be a ML expert.

Graft's ai-powered search solutions

Key features:

  1. Tailored Search Solutions: Construct searches that resonate with your marketplace's specific requirements. Whether it's similarity search to connect related products, semantic search to intuitively understand user intent, or visual search for an engaging user experience, the flexibility is in your hands.
  2. Seamless Integration: Test and refine your search results, then effortlessly implement the search functionality into your own product via API. It's not just about powerful search; it's about a consistent, resonating experience for your users.
  3. Data-Driven Discovery: Ever felt overwhelmed by data? Turn that chaos into clear, actionable insights. Guide customers to the products they'll fall in love with, empower vendors, and let your team ride the waves of market trends with finesse.

Common use cases

Here are some examples of how different search techniques could be employed:

Customer Behavior Insights:

  • Semantic Search: Understanding customer preferences, pain points, and expectations can directly influence product development, marketing strategy, and customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and loyalty.
  • Similarity Search: Segmentation based on purchasing habits can help in targeted marketing, personalization, and recommendation, enhancing conversion rates.

Product Discovery:

  • Semantic Search: A more refined and context-aware search capability for customers can lead to higher engagement, improved user experience, and increased conversion rates.
  • Similarity Search: Recommendations and filters based on similar attributes can guide customers to products they may like, driving additional sales and enhancing the shopping experience.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management:

  • Semantic Search: Rapid access to critical information regarding inventory levels, supplier status, and shipments can lead to optimized inventory control, reduced carrying costs, and improved supplier relationships.
  • Visual Search: Image recognition in inventory management can minimize human errors, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the supply chain.

Guide your marketplace using AI-powered intelligence

Your Search App becomes the essential navigator for marketplace success. By deciphering user intent and aligning with relevance, it doesn't just locate information; it transforms entire user experiences.

Customers journey through personalized discoveries. Vendors rapidly find ideal markets. No more sifting through endless data; efficient self-service access for internal teams means vital information is at their fingertips.

With scalable customization, the Search App evolves as your business grows. Integration is frictionless. And data-driven connections unlock potential.

2. Chat with Your Data Through Conversational AI

Ever wished you could simply ask a question about your data or docs? Sifting through spreadsheets, databases, and dashboards is a familiar struggle. You know the answers are in there, but getting to them feels like a game of endless hide-and-seek.

Graft Chat - Your AI-Powered Answer Engine

Imagine the power of conversational AI like ChatGPT, but tailored to your own data and needs. Our interactive Q&A App is designed to transform the way you interact with your data. It allows you to pose questions to your text data or documents, and get instant relevant responses.

answer engine conversational ai

Key features:

  1. Interactive Querying: Test out questions on your data at scale, extracting the information you need without laborious manual searching.
  2. Application Across Instances: Apply the same questions to every instance of your data, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
  3. Natural Language Processing: Perform light classification tasks or streamline data preprocessing using natural language capabilities akin to having a conversation with your data.

These use cases reflect the interactive and tailored nature of the Q&A App, highlighting its potential to address a wide range of queries and analyses specific to marketplaces.

Common use cases

  • Vendor Performance Tracking: Ask targeted questions about vendor behavior patterns, fulfillment rates, or other performance metrics. Gain insights that drive informed decisions.
  • Customer Interaction Analysis: Understand what your customers are truly saying through interactive queries, diving deeper into preferences, feedback, and trends.
  • Marketplace Trend Exploration: Want to know about the popularity of certain products during specific time periods or events? Or need to identify emerging trends in customer behavior? Your answers are a few questions away.
  • Inventory Management: Need to know stock levels or supply chain statuses across various vendors or locations? Simplify the process by asking directly.
  • Sales Insights: Explore sales volumes, conversion rates, or other key sales metrics during specific campaigns or time frames, all through a conversational interface.

Let your data talk

Graft's Q&A App transforms data engagement through natural language conversations. This intuitive interaction saves time spent on search while enabling deeper interactive analysis.

With a Q&A app, you can access insights faster via conversational queries. Non-technical users are empowered to explore data independently. And nuanced questions produce dynamic answers – from high-level overviews to detailed classifications.

Every marketplace decision ultimately relies on understanding data. The Q&A App breaks barriers to make this engagement effortless. Data reveals its insights through human-like dialogue. And a culture of data-driven decisions becomes reality.

3. Condense Documents in Minutes: The Power of AI Summarization

You've been there – sifting through endless product descriptions, deciphering survey results, or trying to distill the essence from a mountain of customer reviews. It feels like navigating a dense jungle with no clear path in sight. Every piece of text holds potential value, but extracting that value? A Herculean effort.

Graft's summarization app

Now you can create an AI-powered summarization app designed to process and condense large volumes of text files, PDF documents, or text blobs into concise summaries. This capability is not just about convenience; it's a strategic advantage that can translate into improved decision-making and efficiency.

Generate summaries of txt files, PDFs, documents, or text blobs at scale

Key features:

  1. Ad Hoc Summarization: Generate summaries on demand, whether for individual files or batches.
  2. Database Connection: Integrate with an ever-updating list of text or documents from your database, allowing for automated summary generation.
  3. API Deployment: View results within the app or deploy them via API, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems.

The app is scalable and flexible, capable of handling single files or extensive repositories. By automating the summarization process, you can save valuable time and focus on drawing actionable insights.

Common use cases

  • Product Catalog Management: Why let valuable product insights drown in verbosity? Distill them into concise, appealing summaries.
  • Vendor Communication: No more poring over lengthy contracts. Get the essence of every vendor interaction, instantly.
  • Market Analysis: Dive into the market pulse without wading through exhaustive research. Extract, understand, act.

Let your documents do the talking

Graft's summarization app transforms how you leverage vital documents. By distilling insights and boosting comprehension, it enables faster, sharper decisions.

Summarization saves time spent processing endless text while enhancing readability. Leaders gain clear overviews to act decisively. Knowledge flows freely through accessible summaries.

In today's fast-paced marketplace environment, quickly grasping key information is critical. With summarization, complexity becomes clarity. No more wasted hours parsing pages. Just the essence needed to drive growth.

Embrace the power of AI to uncover insights at a glance.

Unlock the Full Value of Your Data with Modern AI

Struggling to navigate complex AI implementations? Want to unlock the value of your unstructured data?

Graft is the bridge to Modern AI success. Our full production AI system radically simplifies building, deploying and managing AI solutions without requiring coding or ML expertise. Designed to empower, not overwhelm, our platform is here to turn all your structured and unstructured data into your most valuable asset.

modern ai platform benefits

Here's what sets Graft apart:

  • Build, Deploy, Monitor: All in one place, without needing code or ML expertise. It's your complete solution to creating, implementing, and managing AI-powered apps.
  • Handle Multiple Use Cases: One platform, endless possibilities. Whether it's product recommendations or customer insights, you have the flexibility to meet various marketplace needs without the hassle of maintaining dozens of point solutions.
  • Fastest Path to Production: Say goodbye to the path-to-production problem. Graft isn't a tool; it's your AI production environment. From idea to implementation, it's the fastest and easiest way to bring your AI ideas to life.

Stop getting bogged down with long implementation timelines and failing to deploy to production. See Graft’s Modern AI Platform in action and unlock your AI potential faster. Request access today.

Save 1-2 hours per employee each week by making organization knowledge accessible and searchable.

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