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enterprise search

Get the most advanced AI-powered search engine so you can find anything across your enterprise systems.

Guide your workforce to the right organizational knowledge

With Graft, effortlessly locate exactly what you need, right when you need it, across your enterprise knowledge—ensuring no piece of information is ever out of reach.

Say goodbye to dead-end searches

Traditional keyword-based search methods are outdated and inefficient, costing you and your customers time and opportunities.

And hello to AI-powered search

Bring a new level of intuition to your questions, delivering instant results that align with intent that goes beyond keywords.

Get one searchable location for company information

Find information across all your apps, data, docs, Slack, and more

Employees spend nearly 20% of their time hunting for internal information according to a McKinsey report. On average, that’s 9.3 hours per week!

Teams need information to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. With Graft, equip your entire organization to tap into collective knowledge instantly and with unmatched precision.

workplace search with AI

Discover the information you need

Quickly find answers to frequently asked questions. No more copying / pasting, rewriting the same answers, or waiting on teammates.

ai-powered visual search

Search in PDFs and documents

Enable your team and users to quickly find the exact information they need within technical documents, manuals, PDFs, and more.

search across your pdfs and documents with AI

Easily optimize and
improve performance

Improve results and performance so you always have an accurate search experience.

Compare the performance of multiple models

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Side-by-side results

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Open source models

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OpenAI, Cohere, and Anthropic

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chunking and pooling strategies

Try different embedding strategies

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Optimize to achieve search precision

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Improve experience

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6 different strategies

One-click reranking

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One click of a button, no building required

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Turn good search results into great ones

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Achieve a more precise ranking

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Find and discover information quickly

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use both text and images


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Search multiple sources

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Supports multilingual

Latest resources

Unify Knowledge

Make your company information accessible and discoverable.

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Quick Setup

No code; no AI expertise; and no infrastructure required.

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Customized to Your Needs

We partner closely with your team to ensure your success.

Don’t settle for knowledge management;
equip your teams with intelligence

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Immediate productivity gains
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Save 2-3 hours/week/employee
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Reduce costs