Build an

AI search engine

in a few clicks

Get the most advanced AI-powered search engine without any coding or ML expertise.

Find exactly what you want the first time

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Semantic Search

Deliver more accurate and relevant search results.

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Image Search

It's like Google’s image search, but customized to your data.

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Similarity Search

Quickly discover items closely related to your initial query.

You bring the data,
Graft brings the AI

With Graft, you don't have to worry about writing code, setting up a vector database, maintaining infrastructure, or the ugly details of embeddings.

Say goodbye to clunky search

Traditional keyword-based search methods are outdated and inefficient, costing you and your customers time and opportunities.

And hello to the most advanced AI-powered search

AI-powered search brings a new level of intuition to your queries and images, delivering results that align with intent, not just input.

two stage semantic search pipeline
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No-Code Required

use both text and images

Search with Text or Images

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Test Different Embedding Models and Strategies

Get Fast, Quality Vector Search

Your own AI search engine tuned
to your content

Instantly find information across internal sources

Deliver a personalized product discovery

Get fast, relevant, and intuitive search results

Graft for semantic search

Easily optimize your AI-powered search engine to improve results

Improve performance so your users always find exactly what they're looking for.

Compare the performance of embedding models

It's now possible to compare the results and performance of multiple embedding models side-by-side.

compare the performance of embedding models with Graft
chunking and pooling strategies with graft

Test different embedding strategies

Explore diverse embedding strategies. Compare and optimize to achieve unparalleled search precision. Dive in and discover how the right strategy can improve your search experience.

One-click re-ranking

With a click of a button, you can enhance relevance and user satisfaction with every query. It's the secret sauce to turning good search results into great ones, boosting engagement and conversions.

one-click reranking model

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