on your data at scale

Test out questions on your data until you get to the response you want, then apply the questions to every instance of your data.

Imagine ChatGPT applied to your own data at scale

By leveraging Modern AI to summarize large files like reports, legal documents, and manuals into concise overviews, you can quickly extract critical insights, boost productivity through faster comprehension, and make informed decisions based on the core essence of the content.

Extract relevant information

By asking iterative questions of contract documents, you can extract key terms and liabilities, improving review efficiency and speeding the discovery process.

Graft for sentiment analysis
Graft for similar customers

Perform light classification tasks

Asking questions about customer support tickets helps CX teams automatically categorize issues into standard types like billing, technical, refunds, improving routing to appropriate agents and reporting.

Streamline data-preprocessing with natural language

Query and clean large datasets by correcting inconsistencies in terminology, formatting, and missing values, accelerating ready-to-analyze data.

graft for insider threat

Your full lifecycle production
AI system

10x your impact on day one.

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