THE Enterprise Intelligence Layer

Integrated Knowledge.
Instant Answers.
Better Decisions.

Graft's Intelligence Layer integrates your company's information and human expertise, to empower your teams with instant, trusted answers so they can make better decisions and drive success.

graft intelligence layer

Run a more efficient business

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Boost Productivity

Get better answers, faster, with seamless access to the collective intelligence of your organization. Traditional knowledge management tools just search your data; Graft goes further.

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Make Better Decisions

Making more informed decisions, faster, with an intelligence layer grounded in reality. Graft weaves together information not only from multiple data sources, but from the expertise of your teammates.

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Streamline Operations

Automate repetitive tasks, accelerate employee onboarding, and reduce the cost and clutter of point solutions.

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Build better products

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Personalize Experiences

Build products that understand users and provide value tailored to their needs.

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Offer Flexible Interfaces

Graft lets you surface intelligence in the ways that work best for your users, whether that's natural language, traditional workflows backed by APIs, or unique multimodal UIs.

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Delight Customers

Create customer experiences that foster loyalty by not only building great products, but supporting them using the full breadth of information available to you.

Innovate faster

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Enable Rapid Experimentation

Prototype in minutes what would previously take weeks. The more you build on Graft, the easier the next project will be.

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No Upfront Costs

With Graft, there's no need to hire expensive AI talent, or to build or maintain complex infrastructure.

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No Path to Production Problem

Iterate and optimize right in Graft, and when you're ready to deploy, simply toggle a switch and you're done. Graft supports end-to-end AI and is built to scale.

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How It Works

The bridge between company information and business value

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Infuse with Knowledge

Feed it your data, and it becomes a dynamic hub integrating your knowledge bases to inform smarter work.

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Enhance with Expertise

Teach it your specific skills and know-how. It quickly picks up new capabilities tailored to your way of doing things.

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Empower with Intelligence

By delivering instant, trusted answers, Graft empowers your entire organization to harness the full value of its collective knowledge.

Why choose Graft?

Drive Real Outcomes

Make your teams more effective, efficient, and happy. Produce higher quality results with fewer errors. Rapidly prototype and deploy AI initiatives. Don’t settle for knowledge management; equip your team with intelligence.

Beyond Data

Connect to more than 150+ live data sources that drive the operations of your business, including data warehouses, SaaS tools, and documents. Clean, enrich, and extend it with your team’s expertise. Graft learns from your team and only gets smarter over time.

Everything You Need

No AI skills required. No infrastructure to build or maintain. Graft handles everything from information extraction to value delivery. Whether you prefer to chat, call APIs, or use a UI, we’ve got you covered.

Built for the Enterprise

From tremendous scalability to powerful encryption to SOC 2 Type II compliance, everything about Graft was built for the enterprise. We're serious about keeping your data safe, and we never use it to benefit anyone but you.

Is Graft the Right Solution for
Your Business?

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You need strict security and data privacy controls.

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Your 100-1000s employees rely on and need quick access to trusted information scattered across various sources.

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You need customizable AI solutions that don't require specialized AI skills.

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You need scalable solutions that can adapt and expand alongside your business needs.

Unify Knowledge

Centralized information and expertise for quick access and discovery.

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Quick Setup

No code; no AI expertise; or no infrastructure setup required.

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Tailor to Your Needs

We partner closely with your team to ensure your success.

Drive better outcomes today

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Immediate productivity gains
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Save 2-3 hours/week/employee
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Reduce costs