Implementing AI is overwhelming.

Make yours effortless.

The no-code platform for building and deploying AI solutions.

Powerful AI made accessible

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Get hands-on with AI in minutes

Explore a variety of uses cases and discover what AI can do for you.
Simply upload files or connect to a data source.

explore AI use cases with Graft's app library
No code
Use all your data
Data connectors

Test, tweak, and optimize performance
with ease

Try and compare multiple models on your data. Optimize performance with a few clicks.

compare the performance of embedding models with Graft
3rd party and
open source
foundation models
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Everything you need to deploy your AI projects with confidence

Once you're satisfied, deploy your AI project to production with a robust API.
No building or maintaining infrastructure.


Private and secure by design

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SOC II Type 2 compliant
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Your data is yours
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Encryption in transit and at rest
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SSO, 2FA, and strong passwords
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We don't use your data to train our models
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Start building AI-solutions today

Build the AI solutions your business needs.

Visual Search
Sentiment Analysis
Churn Prevention
Semantic Search
Semantic Search
Insider Threat
Identify Intent
Lead Scoring
Similarity Search
Interactive Q&A
Topic Monitoring
Data Security
Sentiment Analysis
Content Moderation

Excuses about AI you can
finally ignore

Can't I just use ChatGPT, Cohere, Claude, or BARD?

Graft offers you a holistic AI platform that allows you to do much more than just chat or text generation. With Graft, you're not limited to a single model or use case. You can experiment with a variety of models—including those from OpenAI and Cohere, as well as open-source models—to find the one that best solves your specific business problem. Beyond that, Graft provides the features to deploy, monitor, and scale these solutions in a production environment. In short, Graft is engineered to help you make the most out of your AI initiatives, from exploration to execution.

I'm not an AI expert, can I still use Graft?

You don’t have to be!  Engineers love Graft because they can focus on business outcomes instead of costly infrastructural plumbing. Non-technical folks love Graft because they can contribute to, and benefit from, Modern AI. And leadership loves Graft because they’ll see results in a fraction of the time using a fraction of the resources.

Who does Graft compare to…?

We’re not aware of another company making modern AI accessible to every organization. Most vendors are focused on classical AI, characterized by being limited to structured data and involving expensive activities like manual feature engineering, model selection, hyperparameter tuning, and all the machinery that workflow requires. Most vendors are also building mere pieces of the infrastructural puzzle, which are only useful if you have the rest of the pieces and the expertise to assemble them. Graft does away with those prerequisites.

What do I need to get started with Graft?

Data. That’s it! Graft includes everything you need to go from ideas, to experiments, to production in an afternoon.

How much data do I need?

With modern AI, you don't need the piles of (labeled) data you once did. By leveraging foundation models in clever ways, Graft can bring the power of AI to your business with as little as a single document. When you do need more examples, the platform's active learning feature will guide those efforts to minimize your labeling time.

What if I already have a bunch of ML tools and services?

Graft is named, in part, because you can "graft" it onto the side of any organization and use it in tandem with your existing data or machine learning stack. Over time, you may find that Graft is sufficient and you can decommission the old tools, but you can do so at your leisure.

Are you aware that the word ‘graft’ has an unsavory definition?

Yes, of course. We’re using it in the botanical or medical sense. It’s also English slang for working hard; that one works, too!

With Graft,
for AI.