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Graft is a modern AI platform, supporting the full production lifecycle of AI from data ingestion through deployment and monitoring. No infrastructure or ML skills required.

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We built a Modern AI Platform so you don't have to

Without Graft, you have to build and maintain makeshift infrastructure

Some vendors will sell you a piece of the puzzle, which is only useful if you have the rest of the pieces and a team to assemble and maintain all of them.

With Graft, you focus on solving business challenges

Save time and infrastructure overhead with Graft's fully-managed cloud platform that provides everything ML practitioners need to build and deploy production-grade AI apps and solutions.

A full production AI platform

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Faster Time-to-Value

Speed up your AI lifecycle and provide faster time-to-market solutions at a lower cost.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Use a single platform for your entire AI lifecycle, from data ingestion and labeling to deploying and monitoring.

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Higher Quality Outcomes

Make data-driven decisions with confidence with modern AI leading to better outcomes, increased efficiency, and improved ROI.

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100% Data Coverage

Leverage 100% of your data for better insights and confident decision-making.

The shortest path to production AI success

Empower Your Team

Get the power of modern AI without being a ML expert

You don't have to be a PhD or ML expert to use modern AI. Graft plays nicely with your current systems and teams regardless of size or technical resources.

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Accelerate Your Deployment

Deploy production-ready AI apps

You no longer need to buy multiple tools to get AI up and running. Our out-of-the-box solutions simplify the AI process allowing you to deploy production-grade AI apps quickly and easily.

Achieve Better Results

Use LLMs across a variety of use cases

Imagine what you and your team could accomplish with the same capabilities as the top AI companies. Use the most advanced AI to achieve better results, boost productivity, and improve ROI.

graft's advanced ML capabilities

Production-ready apps and solutions at your fingertips

Solve more business challenges with your current team

Why choose Graft?

Because is AI is more than an API. The platform involves a number of services working seamlessly together under the covers, including a model training server, prediction server, a metadata store, a vector store, a relational store, and more.

Platform Overview
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By embracing a data-centric approach, you can boost your model performance, cut down on overfitting, and create more robust and reliable AI solutions.

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Foundation models

Whether open source, third-party (e.g., OpenAI and Cohere), or built by you, Graft enables you put a variety of foundation models to work for your business.

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Gain a wider understanding and improve performance by analyzing a combination of data sources like text, images, video, and audio.

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From recommendation systems to document classification, incorporate embeddings into your model and optimize the performance for your applications.

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No ML skills required

Free up engineers to focus on addressing business objectives instead of costly infrastructural plumbing.

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Active learning

We automatically help you annotate the most important and difficult examples making the labeling process more efficient and cost effective.

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