Discover firsthand how our AI-powered search can streamline your workflow and unlock new potential for innovation and success.

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It's like Google search across your knowledge base

Seamlessly integrates with apps like Slack, Confluence, internal databases, and more.

Here's the problem:
digital workplaces

How often do you find yourself lost in a maze of apps, searching for information? This isn't just inconvenient.  It's a major drain on your productivity.

And your not alone. The average person spends nearly 20% of their time hunting for internal information?

It's real and it's overwhelming. Time spent searching across your company's fragmented apps is time lost. Lost from strategic thinking, problem-solving, and creative work.

Here's the solution:
AI-powered search

Workplace search transforms how you get work done. It brings the most relevant information to the forefront, saving precious time and significantly reducing your cognitive load.

Reclaim your time,
accelerate productivity

Find Information, Faster

Spend less time finding information, and more time ideating, creating and innovating.

More Collaboration

Remove roadblocks to internal insights that would otherwise obstruct cross-functional collaboration.

No More Dead-Ends

Cultivate a culture where answers empower employees rather than one where questions lead to dead-ends.

The Bottom Line?

Workplace search is a force multiplier for your productivity and teamwork.

Private and secure by design

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SOC II Type 2 compliant
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We don't use your data to train our models
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Encryption in transit and at rest
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SSO, 2FA, and strong passwords
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Third-party pentested
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Your data is yours

The future of work is searchable

Spend less time spent searching and more time creating, innovating, and collaborating.